AT&T Helps Parents Limit Web Access with Smart Limits


AT&T  is now offering Smart Limits for Wireless that lets parents set limits around their children's access to the mobile Internet with a monetary or a megabyte or gigabyte usage limit. This is could also be a great way for parents to reward their children for good behavior.

AT&T  Smart Limits for Wireless is a web-based suite of tools that customers managing their children's mobile phone usage.AT&T is the first major carrier to offer usage ceilings for mobile web browsing as part of its parental controls lineup. In addition to surfing the internet, popular tasks such as updating a social networking profile and downloading a game require a connection to the mobile web.

Limits can be adjusted at any time. For example, parents can allocate a certain number of megabytes for mobile Web use but offer to increase it for a child who completes household chores on time or improves his or her grades.

AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless also gives parents the ability to:

  • Establish times of day the phone can be used for mobile Web browsing, messaging and outbound calls.
  • Filter access to Internet content that is inappropriate for children.
  • Define the number of text and instant messages allowed.
  • Block or allow calls or texts to or from certain numbers (incoming and outgoing).
  • Limit downloadable purchases such as ringtones, games, graphics and other content to a certain dollar amount.

AT&T  Smart Limits for Wireless is available for $4.99 a month per line to AT&T wireless customers who subscribe to a postpaid rate plan. To learn more about AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless, visit AT&T.

This service can be used instead of the free service which is setup on the child's handset, which some kids as they get older will be able to work around.

MEdia Net Parental Controls

Included at no additional charge with wireless service from AT&T
Easily restrict wireless access to mobile web sites as well as restrict purchase of premium content or subscriptions with:

  • Content Filters--restrict access to sites with mature content inappropriate for children.
  • Purchase Blocker--prevent children from buying premium content that is direct-billed to the account holder such as ringtones, games, graphics, etc.

Setup Instructions onn your child's handset:

1. Select MEdia Net from the main menu.
2. Select Customize MEdia Net.
 3. Select Parental Controls