ATT Quickfire Starts Fires Quickly, Rumor - Pulled off Shelves

fire.jpgIt has been reported that  AT&T Quickfire has been pulled off the shelves, sales have been
halted, due to what AT&T is calling "quality issues". However it is still available online and the blogosphere is ablaze with rumors and puns. "The AT&T Quickfire was quick to crash and burn."

The AT&T Quickfire was launched late last year as a messaging phone with a touchscreen.

If you have an AT&T Quickfire, you may have received following email.  Be sure you follow the instructions in the illustration that follows.

Please take special care when charging your Quickfire GTX75 mobile phone.
There have been a few reports of significant overheating of the phone
when the AC Charger adapter is inserted incorrectly and forced into the

The clearly marked,
embossed arrow on the AC Charger adapter should always be face-up on
the same side as the display screen of the Quickfire when it is
inserted into the phone. See the diagram below for proper positioning
and insertion of the AC Charger adapter into the phone. You should
never force the AC Charger adapter into the phone.