FlyCast Available for Android T-Mobile G1

flycasttmobileg1.jpgFlyCast,  a free service that allows users to access internet radio via their mobile devices is now available for Android and T-Mobile's G1.

FlyCast is a content network, not a broadcaster or a download site. Once you are signed up, you gain access to over 1200 digital channels of content, running the gamut from kids shows to political talk to every genre of music, to news, weather and sports.

FlyCast has channels of music, news, sports and weather that you can listen to and watch anywhere. Most FlyCast channels work on low bandwidth connections, so you can listen on your phone even when there's no 3G or EVDO high speed connection.

The beta version of The Android FlyCast app is available for download at

New users are encouraged to visit the support with any questions or comments they have.

FlyCast was named the BlackBerry Storm App of the Day, because there has to be a radio station in the network almost everyone would enjoy.

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