Manage Appliances, Lights & Sensors with BlackBerry Storm, iPhone or T-Mobile G1


Homemanageables, claims to be the first company to provide home device control from the iPhone, T-Mobile G1 Google Android smartphone and the Blackberry Storm.

Users of the iPhone, G1 and Blackberry Storm can operate the company's Disaster Prevention Kit for your Home, Energy
Conservation Kit for the Home, Caretaker Kit for the Elderly and
Smarthome Management Kit.

Homemanageables offers a wireless controller that sends commands and receives information from wireless devices -
lighting modules, appliance modules, door/window sensors, or motion
detectors - placed throughout the home. Therefore you can tell if a window has been opened or turn on the lights if you won't home until dark.  You couldn't even turn on air conditioner, TV or radio from your BlackBerry Storm.

Homemanageables'  home management applications can also be accessed via a
web-based graphical UI, a cell phone browser interface and an
Interactive Voice Command System (a la Bluetooth), specifically created
to offer a solution for those who want to literally "talk" to their
homes when on the road.

David Asofsky, CEO of Homemanageables, said, "The
iPhone, Google G1, and Blackberry Storm represent the leading-edge
entries in the smartphone arena. In the home management arena,
Homemanageables fulfills that role, developing and delivering
groundbreaking home management solutions - energy conservation and
management, disaster monitoring and prevention and elder monitoring
solutions for the home. We believe it is a match made in technology

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