Dockers Pockets BlackBerry Pandora Marketing with Discount Code

pandora-blackberry.jpgPandora radio service is now available for BlackBerry smartphone users. After users enter their favorite artist or songs, it creates a radio stream of similar style songs.

Dockers saw the opportunity as a perfect partnership to engage BlackBerry smartphone users

The Dockers campaign is live on the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Bold series smartphones. The brand imagery accompanies the launch of the Pandora experience when BlackBerry smartphone users download the application.

Pandora was named the top iPhone app by Time Magazine. The software creates radio stations
based on songs and artists that users like based on algorithms from the
Music Genome Project.

Dockers imagery is shown on each song of a user’s radio station along side the name of the artist and the song playing at the time. Clicking on Dockers will take users to a special discount code that can be used for purchase of men’s pants on the Dockers website.

Note from Wireless and Mobile News: the secret code is revealed on the BlackBerry Pandora download page and is PANDORA.


Dockers is known for its now classic Mobile Cargo Pants, that have hidden zip-cargo pocket on one leg offers the extra space security to stash a phone or other valuables

“Dockers is a perfect fit as the premiere advertiser for our
application launch on BlackBerry, and we’re thrilled to partner with
them on this exciting and significant next step in our mobile marketing
strategy,” said Cheryl Lucanegro, senior vice president of advertising
sales for Pandora. “The Pandora and BlackBerry relationship allows the
Dockers brand to bring relevant and targeted messaging within the
mobile media environment to a highly engaged audience that’s
tailor-made for its message.”

Adding the BlackBerry mobile platform to its expanding mobile
marketing footprint also captures this important core demographic
target for Pandora, topping off a winning mobile trifecta of iPhone,
Windows Mobile and now BlackBerry smartphone applications. For