iPhone Leads U.S. Smartphones, Says AdMob

admobfeb2009.jpgAdMob, in its February 2009 Mobile Metrics Report, says smartphones continued to gain
significant market share worldwide over the past six months, rising
from 26 percent to 33 percent of requests in February 2009.

They believe that the launch of the HTC Dream (G1) and BlackBerry Storm propelled
increases in Android and RIM Operating System (OS) requests in the US.
This growth is based on mobile web usage, not the number of handsets
sold, and demonstrates the high consumer engagement with these
touchscreen devices. The top handsets on AT&T and Sprint are also
touchscreen devices, the iPhone and the Samsung Instinct.

Worldwide the top five smartphones are the iPhone, Nokia N70,
BlackBerry 8300, Nokia N80, and Nokia N73. The top five US smartphones
are the iPhone, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Centro, and
HTC Dream (G1).

  • The BlackBerry Curve has overtaken the Pearl as the number one RIM
    device. The BlackBerry Storm is the number one device on Verizon with
    14 percent of requests.
  • Symbian lost market share, but is still number one worldwide with
    43 percent of requests. The top 10 Symbian devices have not changed in
    the past six months.
  • The Samsung BlackJack II is the top Windows Mobile device
    worldwide. Six of the top 10 Windows Mobile devices are from HTC.
  • Android accounts for 5 percent of the US smartphone market.
  • iPhone generated 33 percent of smartphone traffic worldwide and 50 percent in the US.
  • 97 percent of BlackBerry requests came from their OS Version 4.2
    or higher. These devices will all have access to BlackBerry App World
    when it goes live.
  • Symbian and Windows Mobile have a significant percentage of their
    user base on devices running old versions of their OS. These devices
    many not have access to their application stores when they launch later
    this year.

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