HTC TouchPro2 to Be T-Mobile Wing II, July 22

HTCtoucpro2.jpgWhile trying phones at the HTC booth during CTIA, the new HTC Touch Pro 2 had great text appeal due to its keyboard.  Our touch-typist editor who learned to type on a manual typewriter in the dark pre-pc ages, was able to type a message without a mistake on the HTC Touch Pro 2 keyboard. She could barely type her name on other smartphones at CTIA.

She noticed out loud to the HTC rep, "Hey what's this a T-Mobile SIM?" to which he tried to quip something back.

It was undocumented rumor that the HTC TouchPro would be coming T-Mobile,  therefore, she didn't write about it.

Now everyone knows that the HTC TouchPro 2 will be coming from T-Mobile, because of an FCC filing. Also TmoNews calls the HTC Touch Pro 2 the T-Moble Wing II /Rodium with an expected release date of July 22.

Let's think about it, T-Mobile is headquartered in Seattle near Microsoft, and near T-Mobile it makes working together much easier.

The HTC Touch Pro 2
was launched at Mobile World Congress. The HTC Touch Pro2 runs on
Windows Mobile and T features a high-resolution 3.6-inch widescreen VGA
touchscreen display, HTC Push Internet, enterprise emai land the HTC
TouchFlo interface.