BlackBerry Storm and J2ME Phones Free App of the Day: BOLT Browser


While at CTIA, last week, we saw a spectacular demonstration of the BOLT mobile browser on the BlackBerry Storm and other popular mobile phones.

Bitstream has created a very fast, computer browser-like experience that has been improved by beta testers. The browser is called BOLT probably because of its lightening speeds.

The number one device BOLT has been downloaded to is the BlackBerry Storm and they have incorporated new features from beta-feedback from BlackBerry Storm users.  For instance, when there is a link, for the first tap the font gets larger and then you decide whether to  tap and go to the link or not. People really like the Bot browser it for viewing video.

We named BOLT, The BlackBerry Storm and J2ME App of the Day", because it works really well.

BOLT is the only mobile browser that lets user enjoy streaming videos on average mobile phones from such popular video services as YouTube, vids.myspace.com,
video.yahoo.com, blip.tv, dailymotion.com, metacafe.com and more. Of
the total bandwidth used by all BOLT users surfing the Internet, nearly a third was consumed by streaming video.

BOLT is optimized to conserve battery life and data transmissions, BOLT features unrivaled speed - consistently 25 to 50 percent faster than competitors.

Built with proprietary compression, navigation and rendering technologies, BOLT enables
users to find and read information quickly and easily. Once users have
navigated to the specific section of the large web page they are
viewing, they can then zoom in to display clear text and images that
look crisp on even small mobile phone screens.

Other great BOLT Features include split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing.
You can easily add and select favorites and view browsing history. BOLT has
intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation/content selection
and offers protection against spyware and malicious or faulty add-ons.
The BOLT mobile browser extends battery life and uses less data than competing browsers.

BOLT is now available for free to anyone as part of its public beta test. Visit http://boltbrowser.com. BOLT can be installed on nearly all Java-based handsets since the
browser requires only Java MIDP 2 and CLDC 1.0 or higher support.

BOLT runs well on Palm-powered devices with J2ME support. They offer a BlackBerry specific version of Bolt. BOLT runs well on selected Windows Mobile 6 devices including HTC Touch and MOTO Q.

New Features Added to BOLT Beta Version 2 include:  improved BlackBerry scrolling speed and control. They added a new 3XL (extra large) magnification mode with content 33.3 percent bigger than in 2XL. The double tap approach to select links on touchscreen devices like the BlackBerry storm (eliminates inadvertent clicks). Wi-Fi auto-selection is the default option when Wi-Fi is both enabled and available. Users can save and view pages locally on the phon. BOLT 
beta 2 has support for folders in favorites and a new landscape viewing feature. You can copy and paste as. There is also improved magnifier dragging in split screen mode on the BlackBerry Storm.

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