New EA Mobile Games: American Idol & Hell's Kitchen

hellskitchen.jpgEA Mobile
announced the availability of five new games for mobile phones,
including AMERICAN IDOL, Downtown Texas Hold'em, Mystery
and Hell's Kitchens.

"This month's offerings are a true testament to the breadth of EA Mobile
content available for consumers," said Adam Sussman, VP Global
Publishing for EA Mobile. "EA Mobile has a game for everyone and every
mood, whether players yearn to become a professional poker player or
singing sensation; or would rather play puzzle challenges and solve


EA Mobile brings America's favorite television show, AMERICAN IDOL, to
mobile phones by enabling users to play as a contestant on the show and
advance from auditions through grueling competition, week after week. EA
Mobile's authentic rendition of AMERICAN IDOL lets players
interact with celebrities from the show like Ryan Seacrest, Simon
Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson. Players need to select the right
clothes, activities, friends and songs. A range of fan favorite songs
are available such as "Material Girl", "Heard it Through the Grapevine"
and "Lady Marmalade." Characters must learn to balance a busy rehearsal
schedule and an exciting social life, while mastering musical
performances at each stage of the competition. Players experience a new
storyline each time they play. AMERICAN IDOL gives players the
opportunity via mobile to immerse themselves in their favorite
television show competition.

Downtown Texas Hold'em

Go all-in and prove you've got what it takes to beat the best in Downtown
Texas Hold'em
. There's a casino in this mobile game that's just
right for beginners, card sharks, and everyone in between. Players can
hone their skills in Practice Mode, start building a stack at
tournaments during Career Mode, and track progress using In-Game or
Career Stats. Not sure about playing that hand? Get advice from a
personal poker pro! With more than 20 different opponents with
individual play styles, Downtown Texas Hold'em keeps players
engaged in action for multiple rounds.

Mystery Mania

Solve the mysteries of the mansion in EA Mobile's Mystery Mania!
Play as the charming robot creation made by a mad scientist and explore
a mansion filled to the brim with devious puzzles, perilous traps, and
mysterious secrets. On a quest to discover why the robot was created and
escape the mansion, players must take their robot on a journey through
bizarre rooms full of unsolved riddles. Guzzle strange potions, diffuse
laser beams and battle angry creatures as pieces of the story unfold in
every room. An easy to use "smart" cursor snaps to interactive objects,
and a wide range of cartoon-style special effects accentuate every
success and blunder. Throughout Mystery Mania, players experience
vector graphic technology that provides a wide range of character
animations and physics.


EA Mobile brings CRANIUM, the outrageously fun board game from
Hasbro, to cellular phones. On a quest to make it to Planet Cranium,
players select from over 300 mini-games. Complete puzzles, answer trivia
questions, unscramble words and keep the beat to win points on a journey
that is different every time you play. Activities are divided into four
categories from the board game: Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm and
Star Performer. In CRANIUM, players collect stars along the way -
and discover talents they never knew they had!

Hell's Kitchen

EA Mobile brings the hit US reality TV show Hell's Kitchen to mobile
phones. True to the television series, the game allows players to test
their cooking skills under the critical guidance of world renowned Chef
Gordon Ramsay. Compete against the clock in the high-pressure kitchen to
balance speed and quality as orders pile up. Players can choose Career
Play Mode and rise from dishwasher to executive chef in up to 28 levels.
In addition, Hell's Kitchen offers an added feature that let's
players unlock real recipes from Chef Ramsay's books and restaurants to
try at home.

AMERICAN IDOL, Downtown Texas Hold'em, and Hell's Kitchen are
currently available for purchase in North America; Mystery Mania and
are available worldwide. For information on pricing
for all EA Mobile games, please visit