RIM's BlackBerry Smartphones Will Improve with Better Broswer

mike_lazaridis_100w.jpgLaptop Mag's Mark Spoonauer discussed BlackBerry Storm problems with RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. He also discussed future improvements to BlackBerry services and smartphones.

Spoonauer asked a lot of tough questions Lazairdis defended the BlackBerry Storm and RIM push tech. RIM is working on the BlackBerry Browsera and other payment methods for BlackBerry App World.

Lazaridis says
the Storm was thoroughly tested even though some claim it was rushed to market. He stressed that
this was RIM's first touch product, "That's our first touch product,
and you know nobody gets it perfect out the door. You know other
companies were having problems with their first releases."

They are responding to user complaints and listening to reviewers to improve the BlackBery Storm.

Lazaridis claims BlackBerry's push technology is superior to its competitors (ahem, iPhone), and its software is
tailor-made for true multitasking without sacrificing battery life.

To answer questions concerning the BlackBerry Browser. RIM is working to improve its browser so it can deliver a full web experience on more devices.

Editor's Note: We recommend the BOLT browser for BlackBerry, it's fast and free.

In response to BlackBerry App World only accepting PayPal, they are working to offer carrier billing.
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