Acer Now Selling Acer X960 3G Smartphone with GPS

X960acer.jpgAlso available now from Acer is another smartphone announced at Mobile World Congress the Acer X960, a 3G Windows Mobile smartphone, with a high?resolution
VGA touchscreen and GPS.

The Acer X960 has internet?search,
favorite web bookmarks, emails, and attachment reading

The X960 comes with an intuitive
and friendly user interface animated through widgets. Users can arrange
the position of these widgets on the desktop for instant access to
their preferred features.Check global weather and time zone with the
vivid 3D animation. Browse photo albums or share pictures and slide
shows with the swipe of a  finger.

Peruse your CD collections and enjoy
music juke?box style. In the address book, pictures simplify access to
contacts and make it easy to make a phone call with just one touch.
Bookmarks provide instant access to the websites you use most. Plus,
Acer's Easy Keyboard simplifies input for messaging.

With a high?resolution, 2.8 inch VGA touch screen and an
easy?to?use five?way navigation button, the Acer Tempo X960 is a
pleasure to navigate. It also has a 3.2?megapixel camera
with flash. High?speed 3.5G connectivity allows for a full online
experience with rich multimedia streaming, and instant search options
wherever you go.