BlackBerry Storm Update Wanted by Users: Failed Verizon Tests

Thumbnail image for blackberry storm os update.jpgBlackBerry Storm owners are getting antsy waiting for the BlackBerry Storm update notes Bonnie Cha at CNET.  In an article titled "Verizon Puts the Kibosh on the Storm Update?" she writes that Verizon could get a backlash form BlackBerry Storm owners if they don't deliver Over-the-Air updates soon.

She points out that Telus and Bell in Canada have already released updates, while U.S. BlackBerry Storm users are still experiencing such problems as the device locking while typing a
message and issues with the external speaker as well as no access to the new landscape QWERTY keyboard.

We've received comments from disgruntled BlackBerry Storm users who want their OTA update NOW!  We were hoping all the features in along with would come out sometime in May. A Verizon store rep at one point told us it would be out the end of April, beginning of May. A BlackBerry Storm was seen with running on it at WES.

Boy Genius Reports says that an insider has told them OS .141 has failed Verizon testing.  BGR wants to see some movement soon......

Hugh?--the update is working on several other networks in foreign countries and on leaked BlackBerry Storm smartphones (including Verizon) all over the world.

Some think Verizon will make users wait for 5.0... Cha asked, "As
important as it is to have a reliable network, so is customer service,
so what do you say Verizon?"

CrackBerry has a very long list of comments with complaints to Verizon.  Please feel free to release your inner nag here. BEST BLACKBERRY STORM APPS ARTICLES:

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