Mini Notebooks Coming to AT&T All Over U.S.


AT&T plans to begin offering the new mini laptops through
its nationwide sales channels - more than 2,200 AT&T-owned retail
stores and through AT&T - this summer.

AT&T began trialing the sale of 3G mini laptops in its retail stores in
April. Based on the successful results, AT&T will expand the
availability of mini laptops through its nationwide stores and web site.

and availability of the new devices will be announced at a later date.
Mini laptops embedded with AT&T 3G service are also available
through other national retailers.

"It's clear
there's a demand for mini laptops," de la Vega said. "Our customers in
the Atlanta and Philadelphia markets have responded well and the
response isn't limited to a specific demographic. We're getting
interest from tweens, teens, young adults, moms on the go and small
business owners. Consumers and small business customers really seem to
be attracted to the convenience and portability of this connected

Be cautious doing things like downloading long videos or watching TV shows from a Sling box.  There is a limited amount of data access included with the plans. There have been many a netbook owner who are shocked when they get their data bill especially when the roam. One guy got a $28,000 data bill to watch a Bears game and an attorney is suing AT&T for her $5,000 data bill.