Acer Announces First Android Netbook


Acer announced its first Aspire One netbook featuring the Android
operating system geared for wireless Internet. Acer claims that the Android operating system will provide Acer netbook
users with faster Internet connections.

"Netbooks are designed to be compact in
size and easy to connect to the Internet wherever you go," said Jim
Wong, president of IT Products Global Operation, Acer Inc., "The
Android operating system offers incredibly fast wireless connection to
the Internet; for this reason, Acer has decided to develop Android
netbooks for added convenience to our customers."

In addition to Microsoft's
operating system, the majority of Acer netbooks will also offer Android
in the future. Users may then select their preferred choice of
operating system. Acer believes the Android operating system will
contribute significantly to the worldwide netbook market growth.

is a free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform. Its
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