Palm Pre News: Secret Comedian, Commerical, Touchstone and Shortage?

palm-pre-seinfeld2.jpgThe Palm Pre is still getting a lot media attention.  We're stoked about the very VIP party tonight and now know who the secret comedian is. The Palm  Pre commercial will be unveiled tonight and it involves over a thousand people. There is some buzz that stock of the Palm Pre will be low at Best Buy, but you currently are able to buy the Palm Touchstone wireless charger at Sprint Stores.

Our first guess for the secret comedian at the Palm Pre VIP event tonight was Jerry Seinfeld because, you know, Jason Alexander was on Seinfeld. It turns out that Seinfeld's name was printed on the invitations. We'll be reporting later tonight on the event, which is in a zip code near us.  Seinfeld was recently seen in a commercial with Bill Gates. At the event the Palm Pre commercial will be premiered. palmprekungurehearsal.jpgThe Palm Pre Facebook site shows some shots of the comerical being made. It involves a thousand  students performing Kung Fu on one of the largest green screens in the world. You may recognize the same group from the Beijing Olympics. The main character of the commerical is a "she" and using a blue screen they are able to put her into an "amazing landscape."

In other Palm Pre
news, it has been reported by several sources that inventory will be
low at Best Buy for the Palm Pre, where there is an instant rebate and
no waiting for a mail in rebate.  Sprint stores will be stocked with Palm Pre smartphones daily except for Sundays.

Although the Palm Pre
s not for sale yet, the cordless charging device, Touchstone is
available for purchase. The previously reported retail price was
$79.99, however it has been reported that they can bought for $49.99.

There are conflicting rumoring regarding the stock of Palm Pre
smartphones in Best Buy stores, which we can't figure out. Leaked stock
manifests, may only show how many Palm Pres were orders. If you plan on
buying a Palm Pre it has been suggested that you call your local stores to check on expected stock and availability.

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