Palm Pre and BlackBerry (Storm/Curve/Bold/Pearl) Apps 2Day: New RealPlayer

realpalyersp.jpgIf you are the kind of person who likes take your video with you where every you go than the the new beta version of RealPlayer, RealPlayerSP is for you. The SP stands for social/portable because this player helps users share their video through social networking sites and transfer video to smartphones in the correct format.  Because you download the video to your PC first, you save on data charges and battery drain.

Once you install RealPlayerSP you can use their new system for transferring downloaded videos to
mobile devices. The player will convert videos to
the correct format and transfer them to smartphones including BlackBerry (Storm, Bold, Curve, Pearl) Palm Pre, iPhone and other mobile devices.

For BlackBerry smartphone users RealPlayer SP automatically converts video for playback on the l media player that comes on BlackBerry smartphones, for clear video with great sound quality. And with microSD
cards that currently support up to 16 GB per card, customers can easily
expand storage to carry more videos wherever they go.

RealPlayerSP is that users can share videos directly through email, Facebook and Twitter.

realpayerconversion.jpgHow to use the RealPlayerSP free media converter:

  1. Download your video or audio file to your computer.
  2. Click on the "Copy To" link next to the video.
  3. Select your device from the list and RealPlayer SPBeta will automatically convert your file to the right format and transfer it to your device.

RealPlayer SP Beta is available as a free download from
Support for h.264 video conversion, DVD playback, and DVD burning is
available to those customers who upgrade to RealPlayer Plus SP at a
one-time cost of $39.99.

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