Paris Hilton Losses BlackBery: Gets 5 Sony Ericsson Handsets

According to Bloomberg news cell-phoneliscious Paris Hilton has given up BlackBerry MyBFF.jpgsmartphones and was e was given five Sony Ericsson handsets.

"One is even like a watch with a phone on it and it's so
cool," she said. "So I'm switching my BlackBerry to Sony
today. Sorry BlackBerry, I'm now a Sony Ericcson user
and very excited."

Sony Ericcson is sponsoring Hilton's reality TV show My New BFF, that is being filmed in Dubai.

Meanwhile when you try to watch the episodes online, the very first commercial is for the LG Xenon. It seem smartphone makers want to be on the Paris Hilton action.

Okay, here's a discussion for our readers would you give up one BlackBerry Bold for five Sony Ericsson handsets of your choice?

When Paris Hilton lost her BlackBerry Bold in at the Cannes Film Festival we warned her of the problems that could arise. In 2005, Hilton's SideKick
was hacked, camera photos, contacts were outed