BlackBerry, iPhone, Android Apps of the Day: Exit Strategy

extistrategy.jpgHere are the Apps of the Day for New York City subway riders: Exit Strategy.

The Exit Strategy NYC apps come in Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Kindle, giving users access to the all the subway platforms, so they know where to get off the subway train to be able to reduce walking and time.

"If you get off the train at the wrong end of the platform it can add 3 or 4 minutes to your walk," said the apps' creator, Jonathan Wegener, "Similar projects have been done in Toronto and Tokyo and we're extremely excited to introduce this to New York City."

After months of full-time subway riding, brother and sister team Jonathan and Ashley Wegener created detailed diagrams for hundreds of NYC subway stations, eliminating the guesswork and frustration from subway riding. The location of the subway exits and transfer points has never before been collected on a large scale in New York City.

Their website claims, "With Exit Strategy NYC in your back pocket, you'll always be prepared. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!"

Exit Strategy NYC:

  • Does not require an internet connection (therefore it works underground in subways"
  • Contains diagrams for every subway station in Manhattan and large parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
  • Includes locations of exits, transfers and elevators.
  • Lists hours for exits that close.
  • Exact door data for advanced users (available for most lines.)

Apps are priced at $1.99 on all platforms except BlackBerry which is $2.99. Exit Strategy is available from iTunes, Android Marketplace, BlackBerry App World and for the Kindle at Amazon.

The NYC Subway Just Got Faster. from Jonathan W on Vimeo.