Top Android Apps 2Day: Top Ten Paid Android Apps Full of Tools

What makes a popular paid app in the Android Market?  Useful tools appears to be the answer for the July 2009 most popular paid apps in Android Market. It's "full" of tools. For Top Free Android Apps, please read yesterday's article, Top Free Android Apps2Day.

Monthly Most Popular Paid Apps - Google Android Market in July

power-manager-main-screen.jpg1. Power Manager Full - Tools $0.99
Extended your battery life and manage the power usage of your phone.
Adds NEW settings to the phone (e.g. screen timeout during a call,
etc.) and allows you to quickly change other phone settings depending
on conditions (e.g. low battery).

2. MyBackup Pro Tools $2.99

your applications, contacts, call log, bookmarks, smsmms, settings,
shortcuts, alarms, and more.. When any data is lost (phone reset), or
if the phone is lost, you will be able to restore your data on your
existing or new phone. - Schedule Backups - Data viewer - Support for
aTrackDog, aHome and StreamFurious.

3. Open Home Full - Entertainment $3.99
Open Home is a home replacement app for Android. It allows users to
customize all aspects of their Home screen including font/color, icons
and customized themes. Many themes are available for download in the
Android market.

4. Advanced Task Manager - Tools $0.99
Advanced Task Manager provides a number of functionality found in a typical task manager:

1) View running apps, services, and processes
2) View memory footprint of everything
3) Ability to switch to running apps
4) Terminate apps if **ROOT Access is enabled**

5. Bloo - Native Facebook App Social $1.49
The first native Android Facebook App.Background notifications, expanding feeds, video uploads, link posts and more!
picsay.png6. PicSay Pro - Photo Editor Multimedia $1.99

The award winning photo editor for Android. Spice up the pictures on
your mobile phone and share them with your friends. Improve your photos
with color corrections. Be creative with paint,
word balloons, and props. Or have fun with distortions, cutouts,
special effects, and more.

7. Hello IM! - Communication $9.99
Hello IM! is an AOL instant messenger which helps you stay in touch
with your AIM buddies anywhere you go. Customize your IM experience
with individual buddy ringtones, manage your groups and buddies, set
custom away messages with just a few touches of the screen.

8. aHome - Tools $4.99
aHome is a home screen replacement app that allows you to theme your
phone. Custom wallpapers, icons, drawer tabs, docks, fonts, widgets,
extra screens and more are all part of aHome. Themes and widgets can be
easily installed to customize the look and feel of your phone.

9. Snap Photo Pro - Multimedia $0.99
Camera app with many modes,  change settings, adjustmets to bright/cont to taken images, filters, date sorted folders and zoom.

10. dxTop : Home Alternative - Tools $2.99
dxTop is a home screen replacement with speed and performance in mind.

* Themes
* 4 screens: Access any one of them in one swipe left,right,up or down
* Two tabs (2nd one shows recent run and running apps)
* Dock bar
* 3rd Party Widgets(developer how-to available)

11 Weather Widget - Donate News & Weather $1.49
12 Close Everything 2 Tools $1.43
13 PhotoVault Tools $0.99
14 RepliGo Reader Productivity $7.95
15 Lock 2.0 - Donate Entertainment $1.99