Top 10 Free Android Apps 2Day: Weather, Rings and Jokes

adnroidwithmuscles.jpgIt great to see people we know in the top apps listings. In the latest Distimo Report,  Dominic Mazzoni, lead developer and inventor of the fabulous free open source audio editing program with professional-studio sound, Audacity, wrote the Ringdroid app for Android which lets you record or edit any music and turn it into a ringtone. Congrats Dominic, in the meantime the other free apps are a ton of fun too. Are these the best apps, maybe, but they are surely the most popular.

Monthly Most Popular Free Apps - Google Android Market for July:

  1. The Weather Channel  - News & Weather
  2. Backgrounds -  Entertainment.
  3. Google Maps - Travel.
  4. ShopSavvy -  Shopping.
  5. DailyHoroscope -  Lifestyle.
  6. Free Dictionary Org  -Reference.
  7. Ringdroid - Multimedia.
  8. Barcode Scanner - Shopping.
  9. PicSay - Photo Editor, Multimedia.
  10. Funny Jokes - Entertainment.

To find the apps go to Android Market and search for them by name.

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