Review of Reviews HTC Touch Pro2 (Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile)

HTC Touch Pro2 Verizon.jpgHTC Touch Pro2 (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) Rated 4 out 5 by Wirleess and Mobile News' Review of Reviews

Reviewers of the HTC Touch Pro2 called it the  the King of Windows Mobile smartphones and the best high-end smartphone. Reviewers found the HTC Touch Pro2 to be keyboard-tastic with a gorgeous stand-out touchscreen. All the reviewers found the tilting screen beautiful and useful.  They loved the keyboard and functionality but then didn't like the large size and bulkiness.

The HTC Touch Pro2 has slight differences in features in different carrier versions.  The good news for Sprint HTC Pro2 users is that the Sprint version has additional entertainment software. The Sprint and Verizon version have a standard headphone jack. The resistive touchscreen sometimes requires a stylus, but for the most part the TouchFLO interface is successful. The web browsing is better with the Opera browser than Internet Explorer.

Because the HTC Touch Pro2 is a Windows Mobile device it packs a lot of Windows/Microsoft capability power. GPS functionality on the Sprint network was not good.

The HTC Touch Pro 2 touches on the need for an excellent keyboard for touch typists and those who deal with tons of text and email on a smartphone.
TMobileHTCTouchpro2.jpgEd Hardy at Brighthand wrote in his review that the HTC Touch Pro2 "has everything a smartphone user could want and more", making it one one of the best high-end smartphones out this year.  It is an improvement over the T-Mobile Wing and Touch Pro.  It has a large screen 3.6 touchscreen and keyboard, for usability which are the best features of the the HTC Touch Pro2. He liked the tilting screen features, the stand-out screen for watching movies, easy-to-type-on keyboard and easy-to access microSD. The software is a powerhouse.  He didn't like the non-standard earbuds for T-Mobile and that it is bulky. The TouchFLO 3D user interface succeeds most of the time.  The T-Mobile version has full wireless and Wi-Fi functionality including use as a tethered modem.

htc-touch-pro-2sprint.jpgSacha Segan at PCMag rated the HTC Touch Pro2 4 out of 5, he called the Sprint Version "The king of Windows phones in the U.S."  It is solid, handsome, and big with a sliding tilting touchscreen.  The keyboard is the best he ever used on a handheld becuase its roomy, spacious and clicky. Voice quality of phone calls was acceptable.  The Opera Browser is better than Internet Explorer. The Sprint version comes with more software than the T-Mobile Version. He found the Sprint GPS program to be a disappointment. The camera is mediocre but has sharp focus. The Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 is not as much fun as the Palm Pre, web browsing on the BlackBerry Tour isn't as good, but "this big boy can do everything," and he named the HTC Touch Pro2 "Editor's Choice" for smartphones on Sprint.  He liked the HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mobile version for enterprise users which had media playback problems while call quality was good, GPS wasn't bad, photos were surprisingly good, but the OS is old-fashioned.

Bonnie Cha at CNET rated the HTC Touch Pro2 4 out 5 for Sprint and T-Mobile. The upsides of the HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone are a gorgeous touchscreen, roomy delightful "best-to-date" keybaord, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The  GPS on Sprint was slow, the camera should have been upgraded and the price is too high. The Sprint version has a standard audio jack. The UI is easy to navigate. Music playback was rich and loud but video was OK. The GPS on the T-Mobile version was reliable.

NOTE: The Sprint and Verizon versions of the HTC Touch Pro2 use a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The price tag for a T-Mobile and Sprint is $349 with a contract. Verizon heavily subsidizes the HTC Touch Pro2 by pricing it $199 with a contract and a rebate.  You don't have to wait for the rebate when you use the Wireless and  Mobile News' Verizon online coupon-link to get the rebate instantly with an online purchase.