iPhone, Android an' Droid PowerPoint Showing Web Apps 2Day: MightyMeeting

mightymeeting.pngIf you want to take your PowerPoint presentations any where check out the MightyMeeting app.  The winner of Founder Showcase
pitch event in Silicon Valley. MightyMeeting is a mobile web conferencing solution that lets
users present and connect anywhere, in real-time and anytime.

is a cloud-based service that can be used to manage a private library
of presentations in multiple formats. This library can be accessed
anytime and anyplace from a range of mobile devices, such as the
iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phones, and can be easily shared via
email, blogs, Twitter or Facebook. Most importantly, users of

MightyMeeting supports presentations in Microsoft Office and PDF formats.Meeting participants do not need to install anything. One can start or join a web meeting
using the MightyMeeting web application that can be accessed via a web browser running on a desktop,
an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an Android phone. You can use MightyMeeting as a web app on any device with a browser.
You can also download a native application for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

A rocking’ demo video appears at the end of this article.