Wireless and Mobile News Named in Top Gadget Blogs by Konector

Konectortopgadgetblogs.jpgThere are lot of gadget blogs out there, vying for readers and advertisers. How can a PR professional or advertiser find out the demographics and vital ranking information about a top gadget blog?

Konector researched top blogs, their demographics, influence and other information, then ranked the top gadget blogs. 

Wireless and Mobile News is pleased to announce that we have been named to the top gadget blog list by Konector (ranked 73 out of 150.) The top gadget blogs reach over 50 million readers a month.

"When ranking the blogs we focus on three main criteria - reach, frequency and interaction," says Kingsley Maunder, a director at Konector. "We therefore use our proprietary Online Impact Factor to measure how many people visit a blog, how often they visit that blog, the time spent on the blog and how active they are once they get there."
The Konector news release of the launch of their Gadget Blog release sates "... MSearchGroove, Mobile Industry Review and  Wireless and Mobile News, websites that cover the latest news, analysis and events impacting the mobile industry, are also gaining in popularity. "

In a recent phone conversation, Maunder told us that advertisers wanted to know what blogs offered the highest impact all over the globe. Konector helps brands determine the best blogs for their branding. Konector also rates top Autos, Fashion, Green, Food, Small Business and Travel Blogs.

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