Review Motorola Devour (Verizon) Android Smartphone Review of Reviews


Motorola Devour Rated 3.5 out 5 by Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews

Reviewers of the Motorola Devour all like the solid  aluminum casing, nicely spaced slider keyboard, and MOTOBLUR social networking features. Every review that was reviewed commented that the touchscreen was responsive.

The Motorola Devour is often compared to the Motorola Droid which has the Android 2.1 operating system. The Devour comes with Android 1.6  that will be updated to OS 2.1 with voice to text form filling, Google map syncing, pinch-to-zoom browsing, and turn-by-turn navigation. The Devour's keyboard is seen as better than the Droid's, the display is lower resolution and the processor is slightly slower.

The 3.2 megapixel camera and media capabilities such as music playing are good.  For video it is suggested to download Motorola Media Link to sync media.

Reviewers didn't comment on the neat feature of the Motorola Devour
is the wireless Motorola
Phone Portal,
that allows you to see what's on the Moto
from your computer and perform functions. One reviewer did like that the MOTOBLUR allows you to track via GPS a stolen Devour and keeps a backup of data.

features of the Motorola Devour are a slide-out QWERTY keypad, 3.1-inch,
320-by-480 pixel touchscreen, 3 megapixel camera, touchpad, Wi-Fi, GPS and
pre-installed 8 Gigbyte microSD card. 

The Motorola Devour is sold from Verizon for $150 with contract after rebate. We don't know if it will qualify for 
buy one get  a smartphone deal, yet. Don't forget
you can avoid waiting for a rebate when you use the Wireless and Mobile
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Wirefly is currently offering the Motorola Devour for free for new Verizon customers with a contract and $19.99 fro renewing customers.


Ginny Miles' review at PC World rated the Motorola Devour 3.5 out of 5. She found it likable for its solid feel, easy access to the microSD, rubber non-slip back panel, applaudable keyboard and responsive bright display. MOTOBLUR can be overwhelming but has the laudable feature of tracking a stolen phone via GPS and data backup. Music played well and transferred easily. Call quality was excellent.

Kent German's review at CNET rated the Motorola Devour 3.5 out 5 for sturdy design, spacious keyboard and good performance. He didn't like the small display, placement of controls and lack of camera features. He also liked the thumbpad sleek metal casing and sturdy feel. The touchscreen is responsive. CNET now approves of MOTOBLUR after you learn how to use it. The less than robust 3 megapixel camera has good photo quality. Call quality was good. The speaker was not loud enough sometimes.

Sascha Segan's review at PCMag rated the Motorola Devour 3.5 out 5, calling the Devour the best Twitter and Facebook smartphone for Verizon because of MOTOBLUR. He liked the keyboard and call quality better than the Droid. The interface was snappy and because of the low-res screen, games run faster than the Droid. Phone sound sometimes was not loud enough. Flash Lite runs on it. Media was decent and Motorola Media Link is reccomended.