Android an' Droid App Glitches: Can't Skype and Wi-Fi on Verizon Android an' Droid Phones

skypeonveriozn.jpgVerizon Android phone users are not able to run the Skype Mobile app while they have Wi-Fi turned on. Andriod Skype users receive the following message:

"Skype mobile does not currently work on W-iFi and requires switching to a Verizon Wireless data network connection. This may affect other apps using a Wi-Fi connection." "

Work-arounds for the glitch include turnning Wi-Fi off completely or setting all data services to run over the Verizon 3G network.

Another option is to leave Wi-Fi on and be unable to use Skype Mobile to make calls.

The Wi-Fi glitch only happens on Android smartphones, The BlackBerry Skype client works fine with Wi-Fi on. Many Verizon Android owners prefer to use Wi-Fi for downloads and other data-intensive apps, if they have to turn it off to use Skype it breaks-up the reasons for having Skype in the first place.

The way the Skype apps works on Verizon is that it uses the 3G
network for data and the voice network for Skype calls.

Skype-to-Skype calls are not charged against monthly minute
allowances or data plans. Verizon Wireless customers can purchase Skype
Credit to make Skype Out calls and make calls to international landline
or mobile numbers.

"I can tell you that we are working both with the operating system folks and the device manufacturers to see if there's a way to enable people [using Skype Mobile on Android] to stay connected to hotspots and still use Skype Mobile," Dave Whetstone, a Verizon Wireless contract employee who served as an advisor to the business development team developing the Skype Mobile client and service told Conneced Planet. "It seems to be something that is fixable; it will just take time and technical diligence to sort through."