Review of News: When Best Top Smartphones Are Coming - April 29, May & Summer

TOPSmartphonereleasedatecalendarHTCDroid.pngWe thought it would be useful for smartphone shoppers to see the time-line of release dates and summaries of the best top smartphones coming to a carrier near you soon.

Editor's Note: This feature was so popular we are now making release date calendars, with May and June already up and running.

There have been many rumors surrounding the BlackBerry Bold 9650, Droid Incredible, Nexus One (Verizon),  HTC EVO 4G, KIN One and KIN Two.  So when are these super smartphones going to be available?

HTC Droid
Incredible (Android)
this incredible Android smartphone has
had its manual
along with spectacular specs, 8 mpx camera, 1 GHz processor,
tethering as modem, optical sensor, Android Eclair 2.1, HTC Sense. The Droid Incredible has gotten rave reviews. The official release date was revealed via a Verizon website for launch news to be April 29.

BlackBerry Bold 9650  (BlackBerry Storm2) (Verizon Sprint)-  the latest BlackBerry that resembles the former BlackBerry Tour with a trackpad, hopefully better browser, Wi-Fi, faster processor, 5 megapixel camera and updated OS.  RIM suggested it was coming soon from their Facebook page, sooner.  Many pundits, however, suggest an announcement at
and release date in May because there are orders in the system. All final
details of the BlackBerry
Bold 9650 
formerly known as the BlackBerry Tour2  are
available in the April 27 official announcement.
It will launch May 23 on Sprint.
HTC EVO 4G - this smartphone is expected to have data speeds 10x faster than 3G, Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, large 4.3 inch screen with lots of video appeal including Flash support. It has been called breath-taking.  The original CTIA announcement release date of the HTC EVO 4G was "summer."  New speculations suggest June 6 or 13 before the next iPhone release.

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One (Verizon) - announced this week, the KIN ONE is a
portrait slider that looks like a fat Palm Pre with a Zune player
built-in with a megapixel camera with 4 gigabytes of memory (1,000 song)
It’s all about “friends” and feeds and is geared toward young
socially-networked people. Release date is “in May.”


Two (Verizon) - the wider-slider of the two KINs this phone is
very textable with an 8 megapixel camera that shoots HD video. The Zune
media player can play up to 2,000 from the 8 gigabytes of memory. The
KIN tweet keeps saying look for it “May.”

HTC HD2 - is the biggest screened touchscreen smarpthone (4.3”)
currently available and in a time warp because altough it has gotten great
  the Windows 6.5 operating system that will no longer be
supported. The HTC HD2 continually sells out and then
gets back in stock again.

The time line should help you when deciding what to do with your contract and what phone you would like to buy.