iPhone-Maker Foxconn Is Not Sweatshop: Swimming Pools, Restaurants, & Hospitals


Steve Jobs in an interview at D8 found the situation at Foxconn “very troubling.”

The New York Times reported, today, that Foxconn Technology would immediately increase salaries by 33%. The salary goes from $132 up to $176 a month.

Workers at Foxconn work 12 hour days/six days a week, are not allowed to talk and are subjected to loud factory noise .

86 percent of workers are under 25 years old. They live in dormitories with eight to ten people sleeping in a room.

Apple is all over the issue and FoxcConn. Jobs said that Foxconn is not a sweatshop. The factory has restaurants, movie theaters, hospitals and swimming pools. For a factory it’s a pretty nice factory.

They’ve had 13 attempted suicides out of 400,000 people working and living there, but it is still troubling.

In the Silicon Valley there are copycat suicides noticed Jobs.

“Apple does the best job of understanding the working conditions in our supply chain. We are diligent and transparent. We go into our suppliers, secondary and tercery suppliers. We’re rigorous about.

I think there are real issues there,” said Jobs. “We’re trying to understand before we go in and do anything.They got workers leaving rural areas, less prepared to leave home.

“We send over our own people.”

Foxconn, produces electronics and computer components for Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Apple,