BlackBerry News: BlackBery Curve 3G Coming to T-Mobile

BlackBerry Curve 3G.jpgT-Mobile announced that in the coming weeks it will sell the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 to its lineup. The BlackBery Curve 3G is an entry-level smartphone  with added 3G(HSDPA) support that will be upgradeable to BlackBerry OS 6.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G has a 2-megapixel camera, a 624MHz processor,
256MB internal memory (ships with 2GB microSD card),  Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth, and GPS.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G will come in  smoky violet and
graphite gray. 

Support for 3G networks makes browsing faster, streaming music
smoother, and gives users the ability to talk on the phone while they
browse the web, instant message with BlackBerr Messenger (BBM™) or
share their location with friends on popular social networking sites.

The new BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone (model 9300) will be available
from various carriers and distribution partners around the world
beginning in August.

“The majority of people in the worldwide mobile phone market have yet
to buy their first smartphone and the BlackBerry Curve 3G is designed
to provide an extremely attractive and accessible choice that will help
convince many of them to make the leap,” said Mike Lazaridis, President
and Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “The new BlackBerry Curve 3G is a
perfect choice for happily busy people who are looking for a
user-friendly 3G smartphone to help them make the most of their day and
to stay connected with their friends, family and co-workers.”