iPhone, BlackBerry, Android an' Droid Apps Big $2.2 Billion Market, Says research2guidance

MobileAppMarket.jpgiPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and other smartphone apps appear to be making big bucks. The worldwide smartphone
app market grew more than $2.2 billion dollars within the first six
months of 2010, according to research2guidance. Mobile application download numbers
reached a total of 3.8 billion in only 6 months, compared to 3.1 billion in
2009 according to the latest report by research2guidance.

Average application prices steeped to $3.60 US per paid application in
the first half of 2010.

The market is gaining momentum as more and more smartphone users have
direct and easy access to app stores. In addition, the app stores which
were founded in 2009 have finally managed to increase application
numbers and are growing their app business.

Apple's competitors like Nokia and BlackBerry started to leverage
their global reach and increased the traffic on their app stores. This
trend will continue in the next several months and years. The next wave
of new app stores will be niche stores specializing on business or
mobile health apps.

"Although there are still significant differences with regard to prices
between stores, the overall decline of app prices has reclined", according to
Ralf-Gordon Jahns. "App publishers should be aware of the price differences
between stores and mobile platforms. These price differences are a sign of a
lack of market transparency. They represent a good business opportunity, but
not for too long".

Additional information is available on the current research2guidance
report, "Global Smartphone Application Report 2010." More information is also
available on the research2guidance website at