More Black Friday through Cyber Monday Best Top Tips & Tricks for Deals

BlackFridayCyberMondaysales1.jpgHappy Black Friday!  As you digest your turkey, we found another aspect of Black Friday through Cyber Monday shopping we hadn't covered yet.  We've covered all the deals, but not all the methods.

Studies from the MMA and Nielsen have shown that people will be holiday shopping from their smartphones with IDC estimating $127 Billion in sales.  Now Gomez ratings show that web shopping is more highly rated.  So should you buy from the web using your PC or from your smartphone? 

Yesterday, we listed all the deals from online retailers and carriers, day by day from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, through Cyber  Monday.  We linked directly to the full websites because we assumed readers would be buying from a computer.  Research now shows that computer web shopping is more highly ranked.

Gomez is rating top online retailers on both the PC and mobile throughout the weekend until Cyber Monday.  The PC web experiences rates higher than mobile web.  The top 15 retailers come in with the highest scores.  The top 15 retailers are Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, HSN, Macy's, Netflix, Newegg, Office Depot, OfficeMax, QVC, Sears, Target, Victoria's Secret, Walmart and Williams-Sonoma. 

When you look at all the retailers we mention in our best top Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals, Amazon Wireless has some of the best deals on BlackBerry with one-cent BlackBerry smartphones and no activation fees with a contract.  We also found great web deals from Verizon, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, and Wirefly.
If you have a choice between buying with a computer or a smartphone, because of the amount of forms you need to complete, we suggest that you use your computer.  Also be sure to write down the password you used and to print your order.

This year has been exceptional for Black Friday.  We've seen Buy One Get One (BOGO) free deals like the previous ones from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.  

In the category of best deal for a new Android smartphone, it has to be Verizon's Black Friday deal, today only, for the Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Continuum, with two screens for $99.99.  Features of the Samsung Continuum include Android 2.1, running on a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 384MB of RAM/512 MB Flash, 2GB of internal storage, and an 8GB microSD installed.  Other specs include 3G data support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DivX video playback, 3.5mm headset jack, 3G mobile hotspots, and a 5-megapixel 720p video-capable camera with LED flash.  Buyers get a free Bluetooth earphone while supplies last.

For best incentive to switch to a smartphone, U.S. Cellular's $150 activation credit for smartphones is the most tempting.