Pre-Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale: U.S. Cellular $150 Smartphone Credit & Android Sale


U.S. Cellular introduced a $150 Smartphone Activation Credit for new and existing customers who add smartphone lines.  The offer is available during a week-long sale on the entire lineup of Android-powered smartphones that runs through Monday, Nov. 29.  New customers purchasing a smartphone and existing customers who add a smartphone line to their Belief Plan will get a $150 credit off future bills.

U.S. Cellular slashed prices on Android-powered smartphones, including the Samsung Mesmerize (a Galaxy S phone, $99), HTC Desire ($49.99), LG Apex (free), and Samsung Acclaim (free).  Prices are after rebates, and the added $150 Smartphone Activation Credit makes for a great deal.

Other Pre-Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals:

U.S. Cellular recently introduced a $69.99 Primary Plus Plan, another smartphone-friendly offering, which comes with 5GB of data with unlimited text, picture and video messaging, and free GPS navigation.  The monthly rate plan also comes with free unlimited incoming calls from any phone, nights and weekends and mobile-to-mobile calls.

Family plans that appeal to smartphone customers include the Essential Plus Family Plan that comes with two lines for $139.99 per month with 1500 shared minutes, unlimited messaging and 5GB of data per line.  The Premium Plus Family Plan offers two lines with unlimited minutes and messaging, 5GB of data per line, Phone Replacement and GPS navigation for $179.99 per month.  The Belief Project recognizes customer loyalty with national bundled rate plans that offer customers the freedom to enjoy benefits without signing continuous contracts.

Customers get valuable rewards for even faster phone upgrades in as little as 10 months.  Rewards can also be used for additional lines, phones, accessories and ringtones.  The Belief Project also includes the industry's only Phone Replacement program that allows customers to bring in their accidentally broken or malfunctioning phone and get a replacement of the same or a similar model.  Customers also can save up to 5 percent on their monthly plans for setting up autopay and paperless billing.