Verizon Virginia Outage Over and Out - Service Restored in Hampton Roads Area

Verizon.JPGVerizon service was out for a few hours this afternoon in some areas of Virgina.  We have just got official word from Verizon.

"The Verizon Wireless service was restored as of 3:50 pm EST this afternoon.  The problem was based in Hampton Roads, VA and the surrounding area," said an email from Verizon spokesman Tom Pica.

There were also problems reported in North Carolina.  Media reports described the failure as widespread.  Whatever the problem was, it has been fixed and Verizon customers can now make phone calls, send texts and surf the web.

The news was posted to Twitter a few minutes ago.  Affected areas of both voice and data outages were Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach.  It took longer than expected because network engineers had to be 100% sure of the situation to fix the glitch.  The voice and data outage started around 1:30 pm EST.