Next Gen Droid: Droid X2, Droid Incredible 2 & Droid 3? Review of Rumors

Droideye.JPGThe iPhone has gone through four generations.  The Droid line of Android smartphones has reached Droid 2Droid Pro and Droid Bionic.  What will the next generation of the Droid smartphones be like?

We know that the Droid Bionic will be the first LTE Droid smartphone and that it has a dual-core processor with each core running at 1GHz, delivering up to 2GHz of processing power and 512MB RAM, 4.3-inch touchscreen and HDMI out port.

Leaked information infers that there will be a Droid X2, Droid 3 and Droid Incredible 2.  These names have been showing up in Verizon timelines.
In general, when Verizon releases a phone of the same name, it increases
the processor speed and offers new features, making an owner want to
upgrade to a new phone.  The Droid 2 has a faster processor, better keyboard, newer operating system, and more memory onboard than the original Droid.  The Droid 2 Global has a faster processor (1.2 GHz) than the Droid 2 (1GHz).

Another reason for there possibly being a Droid 3 is that the Droid 2 is no longer available after only a few months on the market.  We went back to some Verizon end-of-life documents that showed the end-of-life for the Droid 2, Droid Incredible, and Droid X on March 31, 2011.  That may be when the new Droid children will be born or maybe when the Droid Bionic will launch.

Here's a review of the rumors.  Some contend that the Droid X2 will have a dual-core Integra 2 processor like the Droid Bionic
and possibly a front-facing camera.  If Verizon continues to release Droid smartphones as in the past, there will be a Droid Incredible 2 at the end of April, Droid X2 in July, and Droid 3 in August. 

We think that that it would make sense that all newer Droid smartphones
will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, have faster processors, more memory
onboard and that many will have front-facing cameras and HDMI out ports.

What is not clear is how data plans will work.  Verizon will begin offering unlimited data with the Verizon iPhone 4  for 3G, while no pricing has been set for LTE 4G plans.

The Droid Incredible, the most popular Droid smartphone, has been heavily discounted by online retailers, such as Amazon Wireless.that has been known to sell the Incredible for as low as one cent with a contract.  Amazon Wireless is selling the Droid Pro now for a penny.  The Droid X is discounted to $29.99 with a contract.

Three Droid-branded smartphones appeared in the 2010 Top Best Smartphones Review of Reviews by Wireless and Mobile News.

The Droid name has been so successful that we doubt that Verizon would ever abandon it.  The Droid 2 was also successful.  What do you think?  Please post comments on the Wireless and Mobile News Facebook wall.

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