Google One Pass Subscriptions Easy Payment for Mobile & Web

one_pass_logo.gifApple may be frustrating publishers who want in-app purchase controls and fees for digital subscriptions.  In the spirit of openness and competition, Google introduced the Google One Pass service, with single sign-on to purchase digital content across mobile apps and the web.

Publishers can sell subscriptions of any length with
auto-renewal, day passes (or other durations), individual articles or
multiple-issue packages with the new Google One Pass payment system.

Google One Pass also enables metered models,
where publishers can provide some content or a certain number of visits
for free, but they can charge frequent visitors, or those interested in
premium content, based on the business model that the publisher prefers.

It also allows publishers to grant access to existing subscribers
through a coupon-based system, so it is easy to give full online
access to current customers.  Publishers can give their customers codes
verifying their subscription status, or they can seamlessly offer content to
existing subscribers via solutions enabled by Google One Pass.

Google One Pass operates across multiple sites, so you can easily
manage content across all of your online properties.  It also offers
payments in mobile apps, in instances where the mobile OS terms permit
transactions to take place outside of the app market.