Cash & Cards Better for Smartphoners than Google Wallet?

Many Americans may own a smartphone but they are not comfortable with using them or their features such as payment options, note the latest Harris Poll.

This month is the 150th anniversary of  paper money in the United States.  The Harris Poll sought to learn when, if ever, people think that information stored on mobile phones beat out cash payments for purchasing.

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Google Wallet Blocked from Samsung Galaxy Nexus Due to Architecture


GoogleWalletVerizon Wireless said today that Google Wallet would not be enabled on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus when it comes out from the carrier. Verizon noted that the reason is that the Verizon smartphones don't have the necessary architecture and the company is working with Google on a solution.

This news doesn't necessarily mean that mobile payments won't work. on the Verizon network.  It is also rumored that Google Wallet will be a Sprint exclusive. It has been reported that Google Inc. said that Verizon Wireless is keeping it from building its new Google Wallet into a new line of smartphones powered by Android.

Google wallet uses NFC to wirelessly charge merchandize bought in retail stores it also sends offers to participants.

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Google One Pass Subscriptions Easy Payment for Mobile & Web

Apple may be frustrating publishers who want in-app purchase controls and fees for digital subscriptions.  In the spirit of openness and competition, Google introduced the Google One Pass service, with single sign-on to purchase digital content across mobile apps and...