TS2R NEWS: Windows 7 Update, New Sprint Smartphone? UberMedia Back & BOG5

UScellualr5phones.JPGHere's a new feature we call TS2R (Too Short 2 Report) - news that doesn't warrant a full article but contains information that our readers still need to know.

  • Microsoft is pushing out a minor update to Windows Phone 7 that will enable the promised update with copy/paste (first week of March).  It requires that you have already installed the recent update to Zune.  The update requires that you connect your Windows Phone to your computer (details from Microsoft).
  • Sprint tweeted that it will announce a new phone on Thursday.
  • Banned UberMedia Twitter apps Twidroyd and UberSocial have been reinstated.
  • U.S. Cellular has launched a buy-one-get-five free phone deal (BOG5).  You can buy a Samsung Mesmerize ($99) or LG Optimus U ($29), and the freebies are LG Optmus U Android smartphones (read review).  You can also opt to buy a Samsung Messenger Touch and get five Samsung Profile phones.  Smartphone buyers get a $100 Smartphone activation credit.  BOG5 Details include contract, mail-in rebate, and activation required on each handset.  All handsets must be activated on the same account.