Droid X2 News: Droid X2 Tips and Tricks Videos

DroidX2 MirrorMode.JPG

Our readers loved Verizon's Droid X tips and tricks, and now we have some new tips and tricks for the Droid X2 from Motorola for beginning Droid users.

There are videos that walk you through all the steps for using and setting up a new Droid X2.  The most interesting video is how to use the HMDI mirror mode so that you can see on the screen what you see on your HD TV.

Videos show how to:

  • Use home screens.
  • Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Browse the web with Adobe Flash 10.
  • Use Google Maps for directions and navigation.
  • Add Calendar to home screen. 
  • Add social networking and email accounts.
  • Use profiles to move between Home and Work Profiles.
  • Display Slide Shows of Photos.
  • Set Up Corporate Exchange Email.
  • Use Your Camera.

If you are deciding whether you want to buy the Droid X2 or the Samsung Droid Charge, we suggest that you check out the Droid X2 vs Samsung Droid Charge article.

Mirror Mode Droid X2

Home Screens;

Creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Browsing Web with Adobe Flash 10

Google Maps Directions and Navigation

Add Calendar to Home Screen

User Your Phone for the First Time

Creating App Groups

Using Gallery with Social Media

Adding Social Networking and Email Accounts

Using Profiles to Move between Home and Work Profiles

Displaying Slides Shows of Photos

Setting Up Corporate Exchange Email

How to Use Your Camera