TS2R Wireless News: Windows Samsung Galaxy SII, HTC Sensation 4G, Sony Xperia Play Deal & Free Glee Samsung 4G Infuse Tix

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Full news stories today reported new Droid X update rumors, the price for HTC EVO 3D, a $125 switch deal from T-Mobile, more Verizon 4G LTE markets, and the Chomp app-search app.

Here's the news that is too short to report:

Nine More Windows Phones?
- Microsoft is expected to announce nine more Windows Phones tomorrow at a press conference, with release dates around the holidays.  One phone is supposed to be a Windows Phone version of the Samsung Galaxy S II that will be called the Samsung Galaxy S II Function, Attain and Within, within the United States.

HTC Sensation Sensational iPhone Threat?  Early reviews of the dual-core HTC Sensation call it the people's choice.  We'll keep you posted closer to the expected June 8 release date.

Sony Xperia Play Price Redux - Presales started last week for the Sony Xperia Play priced at $199 with a contract from Verizon Wireless, which Amazon Wireless has discounted to $99.  Read all Sony Xperia articles.

Glee Sings of Samsung Infuse 4G - Samsung  and AT&T announced today that the Samsung Infuse 4G, exclusively at AT&T,
will be the Associate Sponsor of the upcoming Glee Live! In Concert!
tour in North America.  Throughout the tour, Samsung and AT&T will host events
that will give Glee fans the chance to win tickets to the show with other great prizes, including a Samsung Infuse 4G,
as well as a chance to meet one of the Glee Live cast members in person.