HP TouchPad News: TouchPads on Sale Again Sold-Out, How Can You Get One?

HP TouchPad Sold-Out AgainThe HP TouchPad has now been called one of the most desirable gadgets of the summer.   When the price was reduced to$99 for the 16 GB model it sold out in one weekend.  People were pleading for a cheap tablet, making videos and scouring Twitter for information.

TouchPad tablets made brief appearances on QVC and TigerDirect and then disappeared in an instant,  last week.  QVC offered a $200 package with a 32GB  TouchPad, case and charger that sold-out before any one could write about it.

Those who bought the HP TouchPad at full price from QVC are getting refunds.

All is still quiet on the HP front since we heard that HP will be making more HP ToucPad tablets.  Those who signed up for the email notification of product avaialility were given a one-time-special offer.

Hackers are still trying to get Android to run on HP TouchPads. The TouchDroid team abandoned the project and turned it over to CyanogenMod which reportedly is close to getting Google Android 2.3.5 working on the tablets, except for Wi-Fi.

Analysts contend that HP will make 100,000-200,000 more tablets because it is probably cheaper than paying suppliers termination fees.

So what's the deal? How can you get a cheap tablet like the TouchPad? QVC watchers have the upper hand for now, those HP TouchPad shows were probably scheduled before the blow-out and discontinuation sale.  You can check also check at the HP online store.

Bookies could say you have better odds in Las Vegas than getting a new $99 HP TouchPad now. The original run of HP TouchPads were estimated to be between 800,000-900,000 HP TouchPads sold out in two days.  If the next run is only 100-200K and email holders are given the advantage, it doesn't look good.  But some people do believe in miracles.

An HP employee forewarned, "Given the new found love you have for it, I just want to set some expectations that some of you will have hearts broken."

It will be almost impossible right now for any company to make a $99 tablet with the specifications of the HP TouchPad because hardware alone costs between $300-$350.  Maybe in a few years, but then there will be an even faster, better, thinner tablet for $500.

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  1. I just bought a 16gb Touchpad + Charging Dock + Wireless Keyboard for $199!

    Super Hot deal! Definitely one of the best prices I have seen on the Touchpad so far.

    It is only available at CompUSA in-stores only.

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