GoMo Google Mobile Site Evaluator Gives Wimonews Top Score True or False?

Wireless and Mobile News covers wireless and mobile news, therefore, we thought it was very important that we have a mobile website that is easily viewable on a mobile device such as smartphone, basic cell phone or small tablet.

Our recent efforts show that we are successful with 1.2 second load time, viewable text, viewable graphics and thumb-friendly navigation.  We are so mobile friendly Google's new mobile test site gave us a 5 out of 4 on the mobile-friendliness scale!

The GoMo service  is a resource center that links to vendors and agencies that can help with building a mobile site. The emulator  shows how your site looks on a phone, and offers case studies from other companies.

We loaded Wireless and Mobile News into the emulator and  the results showed  "False out of 4" which is a strange grade.  We're wondering if it is yet another example of Google not testing its results like it did with the Google Panda update or it's calling us false.

Then when we looked at the 5 page report it shows Wireless and Mobile News scored 5 out of 4 which is much better than False out of 5.   So what did we learn?

We encourage our mobile users to bookmark our page on their mobile phones because we rank in speed and content.  For fun, we'd like you to run GoMo reports on our competitors and see how they rank on the "False" scale.  Engadget gets a 4 out of 4.  Phonescoop gets a 3 out of 4.  How are your mobile websites ranking?