MMA White Paper Mobilizes Mobile Barcodes for Marketers

ToBarcodesday, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) publishes, “Mobile Barcodes: an Overview for Marketers”.  The white paper explains how marketers can leverage mobile barcodes to give their customers access to information, multi-media content, promotional opportunities, retail store locations, discounts and coupons, samples and more.

 “Mobile Barcodes: an Overview for Marketers” includes definitions, attributes and examples of Mobile Barcode services currently in use in the marketplace.  The white paper gives an overview of marketing with mobile barcodes, with concentration on cross media engagement.  It also delves into choosing the right mobile barcode for your campaign by outlining considerations and examining barcode types and formats.

According to a study by 3G Vision, the US is showing mobile barcode usage nearly doubling in the first quarter of 2011 alone. As marketers become more savvy and adopt best practices, growth is expected to continue at a rapid pace – especially as consumers become more “barcode knowledgeable.”

 A service provider matrix identifies the attributes of different code types, ranging from source code availability and code activation requirements, to mobile barcode customization, marketing platform connection and analytics.  The paper additionally touches on barcode resolution models.

The white paper also outlines current industry best practices, which include creating a compelling experience; telling consumers why and how to engage; setting up your campaign to collect meaningful data; how to measure success; reducing the complexity of your code; optimizing for mobile; testing your code; and more.

 “The MMA created this document to educate the industry on the exciting potential of mobile barcodes, and to encourage marketers to experiment,” said Michael Becker, MMA Managing Director, North America.  “We invite companies using mobile barcodes in their campaigns to share their experiences and best practices to influence and help direct future MMA guidance.”

 “Mobile Barcodes: an Overview for Marketers” was created by the Mobile Barcode Task Force of the MMA Mobile Commerce Committee. The Mobile Barcode Task Force is co-chaired by Alberto Benbunan of Mobile Dreams Factory and Nicole Skogg of SpyderLynk. The MMA Mobile Commerce Committee is co-chaired by Anil Malhotra of Bango and Jennifer Moranz of Payfone, Inc. To view “Mobile Barcodes: an Overview for Marketers” visit: http://mmaglobal.com/whitepaper?filename=MobileBarcodesWhitepaper.pdf