Tablet Owners, Men Shop More Mobile, Cheaper Stuff in Person in Retail

JiWire's mobile shopping study showed some interesting facts for shopping from mobile devices and tablet purchases.  Men and tablet owners are the most frequent mobile shoppers.

However, retail stores still rule as the preferred shopping mode for a majority of shoppers.

A JiWire study showed that the tablet owners buy items more frequently than just smartphone owners, and often spend more. For example, 82 percent of the tablet audience is willing to make purchases directly on their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) compared with 76 percent of smartphone owners.

Here's what the found in regard to how men and women like to shop and when they are willing to buy something in the mobile way.

  • 73 percent of males make purchases on their mobile devices while 61 percent of females.
  • Sixty-six percent of consumers prefer shopping for a $50 dollar item at a regularly visited store if within 5 miles; however, when the same consumers are 20 miles outside of the same store, 72 percent prefer making purchases on their laptop and mobile devices.
  • 18 percent are using a connected device to actually make purchases even when physically in the store.
  • 28 percent of respondents said they comparison shop on a mobile device when in a store.
  • 63 percent of consumers prefer to shop both in store and online; 22 percent prefer to shop exclusively in store.

 More people want to buy a tablet than a notebook computer.

  • Consumer purchase intent is 50 percent higher for smartphones and/or tablets compared to laptops over the next six months (25 percent versus 16 percent), continuing to accelerate the shift in device ownership.
  • Adults 24 years old and under are more likely to purchase a smartphone and/or laptop in the next six months while adults between the ages of 25 and 44 are more likely to purchase a tablet.
Other purchase preferences include the following:
  • 67 percent of tablet owners are willing to spend $50 or more, compared to 57 percent of smartphone owners and 52 percent of laptop owners.
  • Electronics, retail, entertainment and travel are the most frequently purchased categories, with tablet owners leading all of these categories in terms of purchase frequency.