Best of CES Wireless Review of Awards: Nokia Lumia 900 & Asus Memo

Nokia LumiaCES showed off some of the best products of the year, we like to review the awards to see what was the most noteworthy according to industry reviewers.  This is the first year that a Windows Phone took top honors, while Asus scored more than one honor, this year.

Kent German crowned the Nokia Lumia 900 the best cell phone of the show.   The  Nokia Lumia 900  won because it is a great device with hardware/software integration.   He called it clean/thin with a sharp Super AMOLED touchscreen.

German also loved the camera and great viewfinder interface.   He also like the way People Hub organizes contacts.

Windows Phones are expected to be more popular in the future.  Windows and Nokia are investing in advertising. The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 710, knows the meaning of the life.  Morgan Stanley predicts that Nokia will sell as much as 37 million Windows Phones. Windows Phones smoked-out iPhones and Android smartphones as well as a BlackBerry owner surrendering before even trying.

The Best CNET  Tablet was the Asus Memo 370T because it proved premium performance doesn't have to cost a premium price.  He liked the full features for the economical price.  We called the  7" Asus Memo a mini Asus Transformer Prime with a quad-core processor, HMDI port and other advanced features.

The only problem could be that Asus tablets are so popular that they sell-out.  The Asus Transformer Prime preorders were sold-out before the holidays and continues to sell-out. On Friday, it was in stock  at until it sold-out.  The Asus Transformer Prime won other CES awards.  The Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 was selected for an honoree award in the Personal Electronics category for the CES Innovations Award.

The ASUS Padfone was selected as a Best of Innovations honoree in the Wireless Handsets category.