HP TouchPad Bests iPad in Satisfaction: Another Free Deal

TabletsatisThe amazing saga of the tablet that would not die, the HP TouchPad (aka ImmortaPad) continues.  As the rest of the tablet world tries to beat out iPad with thinness and features, the HP TouchPad with its webOS has the most satisfied customers more satisfied than iPad, RIM, Amazon and even Android tablet owners!

HP TouchPads are so coveted that they are being used as a promotion tool for an Apple reseller.

Since the TouchPad was released,  webOS customers were the most satisfied group (1.39) reported Gregory Yankelovich at Amplified Analytics.  Yankelovich wrote " the uncertainty about its future does not seem to extinguish their enthusiasm."

Apple iPad customers are very close behind at 1.35.  It is interesting to note that iPad 2 version of iOS have substantially improved its overall average satisfaction score.

The BlackBerry PlayBook which has recently been reduced to $199.99 or free for developers came in third.

The HP TouchPad is such a big hit, MacMall is running a contest to give one away for Valentine's Day.  It would seem that a Mac Store would be giving away an Apple product.  To enter the contest, all you have to do is Tweet about the MacMall giveaway with the correct hastags.  The contest ends February 14 at 12:00PM PST.

How could HP kill the HP TouchPad when owners love them so much?

Nicholas Kolakowski at TechWeek Europe wrote that Jon Rubinstein's departure "is the final nail in the coffin of HP’s current round of mobile-device efforts."

John Rubinstein has been called the "Father of the iPod de facto father, mother and cool uncle of webOS."

Rubinstein told reporters, "We built an amazing OS in webOS...It’s very advanced, it’s where things are going. But we ran out of runway, and we ended up at HP and HP wasn’t in good enough shape on its own to be able to support the effort.”

It seems like that the HP TouchPad will never die, because it still sells for more than the firesale prices on eBay and Amazon.com.  News media continue to wax poetic every time the ImmortaPad goes on sale and sells out over and over again.

Recently refurbished HP TouchPad tablets appeared on Woot! and sold-out quickly at higher than fire sale prices.

The HP TouchPad because it has a non-metalic case has been used by doctors it in MRI chambers to serve data. The  HP TouchPad appears in the Wireless and Mobile News' top tablets of 2011 and top trends of 2011.

The HP TouchPad sold-out and flew off the shelves when it was reduced to $99 for 16 GB and $149 for 32 GB.  A second run was sold-out to employees who spent the whole day ordering HP TouchPads with some complaining about the loss of work time.

 HP officially announced that they had no more new TouchPads in stock on November 7.




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  2. No mention of Cyanogenmod for TouchPad? That's probably the main reason for the high satisfaction rating!

    • probably not considering that many touchpad users - even the ones with Cyanogenmod - prefer webOS for their daily tasks. So the only reason Cm increases costumer satisfaction is because dual booting is a possibility; but that openness fits within the webOS scheme. And dual booting to most of these people would be redundant if there were an android-app compatibility layer to run these apps in a card (strictly speaking it exists but is not available). I for one am very satisfied wirh my touchpad and with webOS...and hope this zombieOS won't leave the party just yet. On the other hand, II like the ideas of open-source, but don't think it will be enough to save the webOS that serves me so well

    • As a TouchPad owner and enthusiast, I'm going to say that that's one of the most ridiculous conjectures. There's nothing about the TouchPad hardware that would make it more satisfying compared to the other Android tablets. If the deciding factor were Android, the TouchPad wouldn't score higher than real Android tablets.

      Personally, I'm not surprised with the results of the study. I love using the TouchPad and I've compared it at length with the iPad 2. It's pretty clear for me which is the better interface. Most of my friends who rave about the iPad2 do so because of its "ease of use" but clearly they've not tried webOS on a TouchPad and given it fair chances.

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