iPhone Verizon 3G Northeast Mid-Atlantic (GA, AL) Data Outage - Fix?

Verizon iPhone OUtageEarlier today, we recieved complaints that there have been 3G data outages and drop downs on the Verizon network in the Philadelphia Tri-State area that includes the surrounding areas.

Most of the complaints appear to be from iPhone owners. However, there are also complaints from Android smartphone owners.

Update 03/14/12 8:08 PM: We received an email from Verizon spokesman Tom Pica "Voice and data issues affecting northern and central Alabama only quickly resolved earlier this evening and are completely unrelated to Philly region issue. All other customers unaffected."

The Verizon Twitter Support Noted:

Our engineers are engaged in the Northeast to resolve report regarding iPhone data.  We are working to restore it quickly.

"An alert was just released for the area of South Georgia and Alabama. We are working diligently to restore the connection. "

Twitter Alert GA AL

Network Solutions reported "We’ve received word that is may be as late as 11:00pm before the issue is resolved. "

Sheldon Jones, Verizon representative for the Philadephia Tri-Sate area, said, "We are investigating some issues reported by a small number of customers in parts of the greater Philadelphia regarding our 3G data network."

In the meantime, we surveyed support tickets and forums to gleam what appears to help with the problem.

When the data network drops out for a brief time, you have to reset the data connection.  Here are some tips:

  • Power off the iPhone and turn it back on.
  • Please also try resetting network settings. Settings>General>Reset.
  • Try this. Go to settings>safari>clear cache/history. Then settings>general>reset>reset network settings.

During 4G outages it helped to switch to airplane mode, or Wi-Fi and then back again.

From the Verizon iPhone Support Forum

  • "I'm in Bordentown, NJ & while I had no problems with service yesterday, this morning around 11:00 my service ceased to exist.  I tried turning the phone of then on about 4 times, then tried the soft reset w/still no change.  I called Verizon & the tech said they're having network problems & are working to resolve them.  It's now 1:45 & still no service.  Anyone else having problems?  I'm going to try 20psi's suggestion & see if it works."
  • "Had the same problem for last two days (Mar 13/14), 5 bars, no data.  Just tried the suggestion of resetting Network Settings, and it worked.  Now have data connection again."
  • "I emailed customer service yesterday about the problem.  The response I received today was to call *228 and press option 2 to update my roaming capabilities.  I did that and so far, everything is working.

Some are suggesting it has to do with the solar flares.  We'll keep you posted.  This is definitely some kind of flare-up, at least for customers trying to get connections.




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  1. In York, PA and My 3G or 4G has not worked in Days I call on 3/13 at 745 PM was given a 7 digit work order and told to save till Friday... every so often I get a 1x that shows up for 10 or 20 Sec... that's it just got the phone on Sunday Razr .... I think I want my money back.....

  2. My Verizon DSL has been experiencing problems, and today it is completely down, so this appears not to be just a wireless issue.

  3. My 3G service ceased to exist at about 10 PM PDT last night here in Phoenix, AZ. Still isn't working, and no response from emails sent to VZW support or from any support tweets.

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