HTC EVO 4G LTE - In Some Stores 2 Day - Release Date TBA or Friday?

HTC EVO 4G LTEThe HTC EVO LTE 4G is ready for take off.  After a brief snafu with the customs department, some preorders have been delivered and reviewers are starting to find the good features of the latest "HTC One" on the Sprint network.  As of this writing it looks like the release date is "coming soon."

A suprise new feature of the HTC EVO LTE 4G is the simultaneous use of Sprint's 3G network wall making voice calls, something that is not supported on other EVO smartphones.

Best Buy has already gotten the new smartphone in stock in some stores with reports that of some early releases while other Best Buy stores or holding stock until release is approved by Sprint.  In general when there is a hot phone in stock before its official release date there are usually a few big box or megastore outlets where a sales associate is convinced to release the product early, especially to regular or pleading customers.

Some people who have preordered  the HTC EVO LTE 4G have received them.  We called our local Sprint store and was told the release date of the HTC EVO LTE 4G is "TBA." While the Sprint webstore states "Sorry we're out of stock. Coming soon."

It's hard to tell how long it will take to gap the phones that were just release from customs probably somewhere in California across the country.

At Amazon.com, the HTC EVO LTE 4G is backordered with a "Best Price Guarantee" and ships in 1 to 2 weeks.  Wirefly is accepting preorders and showing 25% discount for new and renewing customers with free activation, ending tonight.  Use coupon code WIREFLY 4g12  for a FREE 4GB  microSD card with purchase.

We contacted the PR rep for Sprint to see if she could confirm a release date, until then calling or begging at your local store may prove fruitful or futile.

Meanwhile new videos show the details of the  HTC EVO LTE 4G .


1 thought on “HTC EVO 4G LTE - In Some Stores 2 Day - Release Date TBA or Friday?”

  1. This has been the worst phone release ever. No one has been updating customers about what has been going on, and Sprint should have given the release date as soon as the phone cleared Customs. Apple is ultimately to blame for the phone delays due to their fears that Android is better than the iphone. Apple will do anything it can to hinder Android from getting their devices into people's hands because word of mouth won't be in Apple's favor.
    To Sprint, next time, let us know what's going on. Even updating us every day with "still waiting on Customs" would have been better than nothing at all for days and weeks.

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