Samsung Galaxy S III(3) Update - Sacked, Hacked, Lacked & Backed?

Samsung Galaxy S IIIMomentum is building for the Samsung Galaxy S III. The latest news surrounding the next big Samsung thing including hacks, sacks and hopefully not lacks as well as backs.

The Samsung Galaxy S III in the UK has reached record number with presales for Car Phone Warehouse and is the most preorders of an Android smartphone through the company. We're hoping that there is not a lack of Samsung Galaxy S III phones and the situation doesn't go into back-ordered because it has received great reviews.

One of the top-selling pouring of the Samsung Galaxy S III is its Siri-like S Voice. Before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Europe on May 29, some hackers got a hold of a leaked version of  the S Voice app and adapted it for use on any Android 4.0 ICS smartphone.

Many Android fans downloaded the leaked software which didn't work very well because there were network errors.  The hackers contend that Samsung has sacked the software on alien devices.

Samsung has confirmed that they are blocking S Voice so that Samsung Galaxy S III owners will get first dibs on the new software. Samsung says it doesn't want consumers to judge the quality of the feature based on a test version. The software was developed for the Samsung Galaxy S III and "when the product is launched, users of the Galaxy S III will be able to fully experience S Voice."

Some claimed that the reason Samsung blocked the software is that they don't want to other smartphone owners to use the software. It is also as selling point for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Hackers have prevailed and have found a workaround in which they trick the software into believing that the device is the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Samsung executive told reporters during the 2012 Digital Forum that the design of the Galaxy S III was part of a five-year plan, and not a sudden turnaround or designed for the sole purpose of avoiding Apple iPhone patent infringements.  In this way Samsung is watching its back in all its statements.

Meanwhile more news has surfaced around the Samsung Galaxy S III and when it may be available in the United States.

Models that resemble the Samsung Galaxy S III that fit in with previous carrier and Samsung naming schedule have shown up at the Bluetooth SIG. Verizon's version is called the Samsung SCH–i53 and the Sprint version is called the SPH–L710.

AT&T and T-Mobile versions have made it to the FCC and Bluetooth SIG.