Signs of iPhone 5 Next Gen -hmmmn iPhone Production Cuts

new iPhone 5Here we go with iPhone 5 conjecturatti, again. Apple has cut its production of current iPhones by 20 to 25% compared to last quarter, leading some to speculate it is to prep for the next iPhone model. All that we can know for sure about the iPhone 5 is that it will sell like iPhones.

Analyst, Shaw Wu calculated the drop by contacting suppliers directly.  Analysts contend that the reason the production is slowing, is to make sure that there is not a glut of iPhones on the market when the next sixth generation iPhone 5 or what-ever-they-call-it will be launched in the fall.

While were looking around, we found some the latest iPhone 5 rumors, many of which seem seeing plausible.  Last year's iPhone 5 rumors were about 50% accurate, however, we didn't get the iPhone 4s full specs until it was officially announced.

  • Larger 4" screen another rumors noted that the screen size decision has not been decided.
  • Different high and low-end models.
  • 4G LTE network compatible.
  • New accessories including a earphone Jack/ Ear Speaker/ Wi-Fi Cable For iPhone 5.
  • New antenna system and complete internal redesign.
  • Some inkling of ideas at WWDC to let developers know what Apple is planning.
  • iCloud upgrade.
  • Connections with multiple Apple devices.
  • Better Apple-provided maps.
  • Foxconn started hiring workers in March to get ready for the next iPhone production.
  • Apple may use the iPhone 5 name because it is has filed a complaint to get the domain

Apple has the highest customer satisfaction rating according to ACIS.

Author's Note Upated 5/17/2012:  Due to severe hand pain, I'm using voice recognition dictation for writing, nowadays.  Sometimes Nuance Dragon Dictate puts in him him him him him when I breathe, which is why you see the hmmm in the title.  The good news is that ComputerWorld's Richi Jennings found the title humorous and linked to it.  Hmn, now that's really funny.

Sometimes you may see in the middle of an article something like "Sit down, stop biting me," from when I scold my dog, Ewok.  My hands hurt so much, I sometimes manipulate the mouse wrong and save unedited articles.  Please forgive my errors, while I adapt to the new technology. Even Siri makes mistakes sometimes.

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  1. The error you need to focus on is that in your article you state that Apple is suing the owner of When in reality what Apple did was file a complaint to obtain ownership of the domain. A whole lot of people are reading these articles, from search engines and when quoted or linked from other sources. It's important they contain accurate information.

    • It has been corrected. We have a problem trying to find original sources, sometimes it takes hours to find the exact truth.

      Thank you for the correction. We appreciate your help.

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