Olympic Website Mobile-Ready 2 Go Cloud Tested for Golden Moments

London Mobile TestAn American firm, Mountain View based SOASTA was chosen by the London Organizing Committee to make sure the official London 2012 website is ready for the millions visits and massive web traffic.

The official London 2012 website will be one of the most visited websites on the planet during the three-week games, with Olympic events,  athlete pages, venues and real-time updated Olympics data, statistics and news.

“We began working with SOASTA CloudTest six months prior to the games to find all the possible bottlenecks which could prevent the best user experience possible and avoid a catastrophic situation, which could impact the London 2012 brand. ,” said Paul Bunnell, Lead Web Architect, London 2012, London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

SOASTA was selected in part because of the innovative way they make checks websites and apps to ensure that they don’t crash. Most websites and apps – 75% of them – are not tested to see if they will work with thousands of people using them at the same time (like the Olympics).  The more popular an app gets, the more likely it’s going to crash.

SOASTA uses the cloud to mimic the condition of thousands of people using an app or website at once.  That way, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic could be certain their site would work.

SOASTA today released CloudTest Mobile, the first and only testing platform to deliver complete performance and functional test automation of mobile apps across real, distributed mobile devices. The CloudTest Mobile platform provides precise capture and playback of all continuous touch gestures including pan, pinch, zoom and scroll on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the official smartphone/mobile device of the Olympics and is offering free Olympic 3D games and apps.