Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) News: Sell-Outs, Beats iPhone, Updates, Less Nuke & Colors

Samsung Galaxy S III AllShare PlayAs usual the Samsung marketing machine around the Samsung Galaxy S III is churning, whipping up sales, which is working because the next big thing is outselling the iPhone.  New features and storage options are coming in the future.

Analyst Raymond Jame's Tavis McCourt noted Samsung Galaxy S III sales are stellar.  He contacted store sales reps and found that the major advantages over the iPhone 4s are the size and the 4G LTE connections.  Stores received 10 to 12 Samsung Galaxy S III phone units and most stores sold out within 2 to 4 days.  Stores are receiving smaller shipments, every few days.

At AT&T and Verizon Wireless retailers the Samsung Galaxy S III is out selling the iPhone 4S noted McCourt.

The Galaxy S III launch helped to make Samsung as the world's smartphone leader over Apple and Nokia, reported  a recent poll of 41 analysts surveyed. by Reuters. Samsung is expected to have sold 50 million smartphones in the second quarter of this year.

According to a Samsung spokesperson, "The 64GB model of the Galaxy S III will be available during the second half of this year. The market availability and timing may vary and will be determined at the time of release."

The AllShare group cast does shows that sometimes you just wan to share your weekend photos with your friends only not post to a wall or social network where everyone can see it.

The latest commercial highlights one of the worst features of social networking, when someone posts an at the picture of the you to their Facebook wall and tags it with your name.The group photo share is demoed in the latest off And him and him himicial video as sell as AllShare play.

Reviews have been great, in fact on reviewer in Australia reported that he is giving up his iPhone. According to the maker of  Tawkon app, the iPhone 4S emits 3X more radiation than the Samsung Galaxy S III.

A security update for the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S III reduced the quality of the unified search as a precautionary measure to fend off Apple patent lawsuits/injunctions.

Veveo, launchedvtap QuickSearch, a predictive “search as you type” universal search app that is context aware and personalized for Android smartphone users. vtap QuickSearch works on all Android devices (running version 2.1 or later) including the Samsung Galaxy III and Galaxy Nexus, which recently lost its Universal Search functionality in the latest software updates.

AT&T is the only carrier that will offer the smartphone in red. However,  a recent report suggests that Samsung will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III in more colors, later. Since it already comes in blue and white, we think it may come in Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze or maybe go the route of HTC and come in plum/pink for the ladies.

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Amazon has slashed prices for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) News: Release Delays, Olympic Games, Best Deals, Win Free & Spider Man from Verizon Wireless($149.99), Sprint ($139.99) and AT&T to $149.99 (except for AT&T renewing customers $189.99.)  If you are new customer you can use the $50 Off Coupon Link AT&T Wireless for new customers with a plan.